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Cielo Raymundo

Associate Software Engineer, The New York Times

What technologies do you use on a regular basis at work?

I primarily work as a frontend developer. I use a lot of JavaScript, particularly React. I work with Storybook to build reusable components that you can see when you visit the Games section of As an entry-level software engineer, I write a lot of tests to make sure that our code does not break when users visit our site. For this, I use a technology called Jest.

How has the Marcy Lab School impacted your life?

The Marcy Lab School has helped me grow as an individual and as a professional. They helped me gain the skills and confidence that I needed in order to be successful. Now, I'm a role model for my younger siblings and my community.

What advice would you give to future Marcy Lab School Fellows?

Don't fall behind! The material is fun. Take your time. Be curious. And fall down rabbit holes. It's worth it. Most importantly, "run your own race." Don't compare your progress to others'. Give it your best every day and be satisfied with your results.

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