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Marcy Lab School graduates are motivated, conscientious, continual learners. They are disciplined, self-starters who are motivated to make an impact on their teams from Day One.

When you hire a Marcy Lab School graduate, you gain:

  1. A Highly-Skilled Engineer

    Our program is challenging and rigorous, and our fellows graduate having completed as many computer-science course hours as their peers with a four-year degree, and 3-4 times as many as those in a coding bootcamp. They use Git, GitHub, Docker, React, Node.js, and PostgreSQL, manage group projects using Scrum, and deploy applications to AWS. Sound familiar?

  2. A Deep Critical Thinker

    Our fellows go beyond the code to learn how to think critically, mastering foundational programming paradigms, data structures, and algorithms that allow them to move fluidly between tech stacks. They are flexible and autodidactic, so many of our grads go on to write software in languages and frameworks we haven’t taught them. Perseverance is their trademark; they dig deep for solutions and don’t quit until they find them.

  3. A Self-Managing Dream Teammate

    How many young new hires come in with clear goals, an abiding professionalism and sensitivity to work culture, a strong understanding of their own leadership style and performance standards, and their own solid network for their personal mentorship and professional support?

  4. A Purpose-Driven Community Leader

    Bolstered by their identity-centered training, our graduates bring the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion wherever they go—whether that’s developing company culture or building solutions for the real world. Both internally & externally, they’re the thought partners who will push the purpose-driven agenda of the future.

Great minds think alike

When you hire a Marcy Lab School Fellow, you join a dedicated group of our employer partners.


Marcy Lab students are mentored, entrepreneurial in spirit, technically strong, and well-rounded. I'm not sure what the "special sauce" may be that these students receive from Marcy, but WW couldn't be happier to now have three intern conversions aboard our tech teams full-time.

Betsey Corey, Sr. Manager, Strategic Talent Programs & Partnerships at WW International

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