Our Mission

The mission of The Marcy Lab School is to create an alternative pathway into high-growth tech careers for underrepresented and underserved youth.

Our solution rests upon three pillars:

  1. Prepare students to be engineers through a project-based curriculum that is grounded in first principles but driven by real-world application.

  2. Prepare students to be professionals through mentorship, apprenticeships, and leadership development.

  3. Prepare students to confront the inequity that exists in the professional world by promoting critical awareness and by cultivating a supportive learning community that persists through the end of the program and beyond.

If we can execute on these three pillars while catering to the socio-emotional needs of our students, and do so with a price and payment structure that prioritizes accessibility over all else, then we will create the largest pipeline of diverse engineering talent in the country.


Participant Reflection

“I feel like I achieved something. I feel great about it. I haven't felt this good about a project in a long time. I can't wait to learn more about it and I'm actually sad it's over.”

— Stecey Abrams, 10th Grade Participant


The Marcy Lab School offers full-time fellowships for recent high school graduates, designed to be viable post-secondary education alternatives. Fellows are prepared for full-time employment upon completing of the fellowship. Fellowships range from 6 to 12 months and include structured interview prep, job search coaching, and opportunities for students to engage in apprenticeships and/or contract work.

Upon graduation, students receive two-years of additional professional development from full-time support staff and continued career coaching from our network of mentors, currently employed in technical roles at some of New York’s largest tech firms. Over time, we believe that graduates will go on to launch companies of their own, creating opportunity in their communities for those who come after them.