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Aneika Nanton

Admissions Coordinator

Aneika serves as the Admissions Coordinator at The Marcy Lab School. She plays a pivotal role in shaping the experience of potential Fellows, ensuring their admissions process is not just a journey but a fulfilling adventure.

Aneika is also an alumna of The Marcy Lab School. She excelled as a member of our 2022 Spring Fellowship despite entering without any prior coding experience. Prior to joining us as our Admissions Coordinator, she worked as a back-end Software Engineer at WW.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Aneika is driven by a passion for continuous self-improvement and a commitment to personal well-being. She embodies a holistic approach to life, always balancing professional success with a genuine passion for growth and exploration. Aneika hails from Antigua, with roots extending to St. Vincent and Jamaica. She can mostly be found listening to "Greatest" by Sia.

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