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Devonte Duncan

Software Engineer II


What technologies do you use regularly at work?

I'm a "full-stack" developer, meaning the code I write impacts the user interface and the backend systems that power our applications. I use JavaScript for both: React for the user-facing stuff and Node.js and Express for the backend.

How has The Marcy Lab School impacted your life?

The Marcy Lab School has completely changed the trajectory of my life. When college let me down, Marcy lifted me up, and I now have the pleasure of saying that I'm financially liberated and ready to give back!

What advice would you give to future Marcy Lab Fellows?

If anything I think the most important piece of advice I'd give is that you get out what you put in with this program. The harder you work, the more successful you will be. But it's all up to you. That's what makes it worth it!

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