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Gabe Inniss

Fall 2022 Software Engineering Fellow

What were you doing before you enrolled in The Marcy Lab School?

I was a high school student. A friend recognized my interest in tech and recommended I apply.

What most made you want to apply for Marcy’s Software Engineering Fellowship?

The prospect of starting my career as a software engineer & learning more about technology.

How has Marcy prepared you for work and career?

One of my favorite parts of the Fellowship has been seeing myself grow into a career and develop socially. I’ve gained a deep understanding of how the professional world operates and how to conduct myself in professional spaces. The Leadership and Developement curriculum has given me a grasp of advanced societal topics like intersectionality and personal privilege that make me a better leader now and in the future. Marcy has also given me a massive network of engineers that I can interact with and call upon for assistance and mentorship.

What are some of your goals and dreams for yourself?

I want to eventually become a tech lead or a head of engineering.

What advice do you have for our incoming Fellows?

Give it your 100% and not 1% more or less. Every percent that you don’t give goes to something else that’s not career-oriented. And every 1% extra that you give is taken from your enjoyment and personal life.

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