The Marcy Lab SchoolThe Marcy Lab School

Gonzalo Romero

Lead Instructor

Gonzalo and his family hail from Puebla, Mexico, and immigrated to the U.S. with his parents at a young age. Gonzalo grew up in South Brooklyn, now residing just a few neighborhoods away, and doesn't plan to leave any time soon! Gonzalo has been an educator for over 12 years, with previous experience as a music teacher, administrator, and, most recently, as a computer science teacher at a Williamsburg high school. Now at The Marcy Lab School, Gonzalo leads our Fellows in technical instruction, pouring not only expert knowledge and wisdom into the classroom but also immense amounts of love and care. A master of absorbing large amounts of information and distilling it back in digestible ways, Gonzalo brings clarity and fun to his daily lectures. When not helping our Fellows become the best engineers they can be, you can find him ice skating, playing hockey, playing chess, or skateboarding while listening to his 'Skate' playlist, which has a very eclectic mix of rap, punk/alt rock, TSwift, screamo, and EDM. 

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