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Mark Griffith

Software Engineer

WW International

What technologies do you use on a regular basis at work?

I work with backend systems, essentially meaning that my team ensures that our entire application can grow and take on more users without breaking or slowing down. In my role, I work with a bunch of cool technologies that allow us to build "scalable" software - such as Node.js, Kafka, Kubernetes, Redis, and GraphQL.

How has The Marcy Lab School impacted your life?

After graduating from the Marcy Lab School, I landed my dream job... during a pandemic. Subsequently, when my grandmother was sick, I could afford to send my mom out of the country to watch over her for a month - no questions asked - during a pandemic. Finally I have become a role model in my family and a person people always come to ask advice for.

What advice would you give to future Marcy Lab Fellows?

Just do it. It's a life-changing experience and we have a record of outperforming students fresh out of college in the job search. It's something we take a lot of pride in.

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