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Rabia Khan

She / Her

Software Engineer at WW | Fall '20 Alum

What were you doing before you enrolled in The Marcy Lab School?

I was a full-time student at BMCC majoring in computer science, a part-time event assistant for a non-profit org, and an arts education intern for an unconventional art center.

What made you apply for Marcy’s Software Engineering Fellowship?

The convergence of skill enhancement, project-based learning, and the exceptional accessibility of the program. Beyond the aforementioned factors, there's an intriguing twist that drew me toward Marcy's Software Engineering Fellowship—its financial accessibility. Frankly, it seemed like stumbling upon a unicorn at a tech conference—almost too remarkable to be true.

What was your favorite part of the Fellowship?

Undoubtedly, the voyage of learning and enhancing my coding prowess. I found another delightful dimension in the exploration of leadership and development. Furthermore, the significance of a supportive community cannot be overstated. It stands as a cornerstone of my experience.

What advice do you have for our incoming Fellows?

1. Time Management: Balancing the program with other commitments is crucial. Mastering time management will help you excel in both your Fellowship and personal endeavors.

2. Practice Consistently: Regular coding practice is key. The more you code, the more confident and adept you'll become.

3. Network Strategically: Connect with industry professionals, attend events, and engage in the tech community. Networking opens doors.

4. Stay Curious: Don't hesitate to ask questions and explore beyond the curriculum. Curiosity fuels innovation and a deeper understanding.

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