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Ray Lu

He / Him

Software Engineer III at Squarespace | Fall '21 Alum

What were you doing before you enrolled in The Marcy Lab School?

I was attending Community College, studying Computer Science. I was the top student in my computer science classes [and] I was set on transferring to a University to continue my Computer Science education.

What most made you want to apply for Marcy’s Software Engineering Fellowship?

Reading up on Marcy, it was the exact thing I was looking for. Free tuition, personalized support, and most importantly, learning material that’s relevant to Software Engineering.

What was your favorite part of the Fellowship?

My favorite part of the Fellowship was the collaboration aspect. I came into Marcy with the mindset that I had in college—go to school, get your work done, and go home. This mindset changed immediately the first day I was on campus. Since then, I’ve met countless people that I call close friends.

What was most challenging for you as a Fellow?

Consistency. Consistently showing up every day both physically and mentally. Consistently studying the depth and breadth of the curriculum. And as Marcy says, consistently getting better 1% every day.

How did attending Marcy prepare you for your work and career?

Marcy does a really great job at covering the fundamentals of programming and Javascript. Because of my deeper understanding of the fundamentals, I’m able to understand abstractions on a deeper level. I can pick apart a problem that I’ve never seen before and solve it like I have. In less than a year, I’ve been promoted twice.

What advice do you have for our incoming Fellows?

Stay consistent and stay hungry. It’s easy to get off track and fall behind during the curriculum. Study and push yourself harder than you ever did before, and I guarantee it’ll be worth it.

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