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Segun Subair

He / Him

Software Engineer at JP Morgan Chase & Co | Fall '20 Alum

What were you doing before you enrolled in The Marcy Lab School?

After I graduated high school, the next step was college. But at the time, I didn’t have enough money to get me through college. Instead of working to pay for college while attending college, I decided to take a 1-year gap to save money. I was employed at a restaurant as a server.

What was your favorite part of the Fellowship?

Mindful Morning and Feelings Friday. During Leadership Seminar, I got the chance to learn more about habits that gradually affect the way you think. [Leadership Seminar] also teaches you the best way to navigate a world where each odd is against you. It has helped me see the leader in myself.

What parts of the Fellowship were more challenging?

What was most challenging wasn’t learning to code but getting to know myself. The safe space Marcy provided shed light on some thoughts I had learned to suppress. I [grew to see] myself as someone whose purpose was more than making my family proud. My purpose was also to make sure each decision actually made an impact on bettering myself.

What are your goals and dreams for the future?

My objective is to contribute to the advancement of technology in Ogun State, Nigeria. I’ve been actively expanding my connections to ensure a meaningful influence. Among my aspirations is the establishment of a business, aiming to secure stability for myself and alleviate the burden of expenses for my children.

What advice do you have for our incoming Fellows?

Have faith in yourself. You were selected for a purpose.

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