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This will be the most fun you’ve ever had at school. We promise. We also promise that it will be one of the most challenging experiences of your life. You will create real apps that real users can experience. You will learn why your story makes you the leader we need. You will earn a position as a salaried software engineer. We can’t wait for you to get started.

Build the skills

We harness your natural curiosity, transform it into technical expertise, and empower you to adapt that knowledge to any new problem. So you’ll not only learn to build full stack web applications, but also learn to think like a software engineer.

Here’s what our fellows study throughout the course of their first year:

    Accessible Front-End Web Design

    Introduction to Programming

    Object-Oriented and Functional Programming

    Web Development with JavaScript

    Server-Side Web Development with Node.js

    Relational Databases

    Advanced Front-End Web Development with React

    Data Structures and Algorithms

Build Yourself

We take our leadership and personal development curriculum just as seriously as we take our code. From day one, we help you build upon your strengths, grow from your weaknesses, establish your goals and values, understand your leadership style, own your expertise, step into wealth, and develop a cache of resilience to back it all up.

  • Coaching

    Just like any other coach in your life, you will set goals together and your coach will help you reach them. Whether you're paralyzed with anxiety when talking on the phone, struggling with your confidence, or need to talk to your family about your financial expectations for yourself—this is where we’ve got your back.

  • Mentorship

    You’ll be matched with a mentor and catch up with them about once a month over coffee, lunch, or a visit to their office. They’ll help you practice for interviews, give you feedback on your assignments, take you out to lunch in their company cafeteria, and introduce you to their friends because, you know…networking.

  • Leadership Seminar

    You’ll read books about race, class, gender, and politics. You'll debate solutions to your communities most pressing problems. You’ll learn about your personal values and how they shape your leadership style, and you’ll gain valuable professional skills like how to write effective resumes, negotiate a salary, and create a budget that aligns with your financial goals. It’s a lot, we know. But we have all year!

  • In the End...

    You’ll graduate with not only the skills to write beautiful, scalable code, but the ability to contribute to and lead teams. You’ll know how to remain confident and composed under stress, and—most of all—you’ll bring your whole self to work, knowing that your background and identity add value to every room you enter.

Build the World

Coding is a superpower that you can use to build anything you can imagine. We train you to dream big and set your eyes on tackling the most daunting problems that face you, your community, and the world.

Think Big

We aim to place you in a career that pays at least $70,000 per year as soon as you graduate, and we provide the tools, resources, and networks you need to create the world you want to live in.

This Could Be You

Our graduates are full time engineers now. They make over $100,000 per year building applications for some of the world's greatest companies. But they started their journeys exactly where you are now.

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A typical day

  1. 9:00 AM
    Mindful Morning

    We begin every day with a mindfulness meditation and gratitude journaling.

  2. 9:15 AM
    Code Challenge

    Every day we practice solving the types of problems you will be asked to solve during technical interviews. This time of day gets competitive. 😉

  3. 10:30 AM
    Independent Study

    We give you time and space each day to engage with course materials at your own speed so that you can discover how you learn best.

  4. 12:00 PM

    Hang with friends over ramen from Samurai Papa, pizza from Milly, or maybe a burrito from our favorite taco truck out front? 😋

  5. 1:00 PM

    We promise not to just talk at you—this is also time for interactive code-alongs to develop fluency and uncover any stumbling blocks.

  6. 3:00 PM
    Problem Sets & Labs

    This is your time to learn by doing, putting into practice what you absorbed during lecture.

  7. 4:00 PM
    Stand Up

    Our daily closeout is an opportunity to share our challenges and priorities so that our peers can hold us accountable to progress.

  8. 5:00 PM

    Many of our students work evening jobs, others have family obligations to tend to, but we all make time for a few additional hours of studying in the evening, even if it means burning the midnight oil.

Just the facts

  • Cost

    The Marcy Lab School Software Engineering Fellowship is free of cost to students, thanks to the generosity of our supporters.

  • Commitment

    Our program is 12 months long, with classes going from 9AM to 4:30PM. To be successful, you'll probably have to spend an additional 10 to 20 hours per week for homework.

  • Location

    Our offices are located on the campus of Industry City at 882 3rd Ave., 11th Floor, Brooklyn, NY.

    If this is a bit far from you, don't worry! We only require students to be on-campus two days per week. The rest of the time, your classes will take place virtually.

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