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Whether you’re a mentor, mock interviewer, guest lecturer, virtual teaching assistant, or just offer advice on our Slack channel, you’ll be working with the most innovative, curious, passionate young entrepreneurs in the world—and change the face of higher ed and the tech sector in the process.

When you volunteer with Marcy Lab School, you:

  • Unlock potential

    Our young innovators have been underestimated their whole lives, so it’s an absolute honor to help them find their superhero within. Tackling rigorous technical challenges, practicing career fluency skills, building strong networks and deep connections—our work happens on multiple levels, but the results are always awe-inspiring.

  • Give a gift that keeps on giving

    Investing in a single fellow or cohort pays itself forward innumerably; our graduates become leaders in their fields, hire people like themselves, give back to their communities of origin, and build solutions for a more equitable world. As a volunteer, you are at the heart of exponential change.

  • Partner with the leaders of tomorrow

    Our fellows are the ingenious, creative, risk-taking entrepreneurs that the tech industry needs. Bolstered by their identity-centered training, they come up with solutions nobody else could have imagined; these are the thought partners who will push the purpose-driven agenda of the future.

  • Join an unparalleled community

    When you get involved with Marcy Lab School, you join a community for life. Relationships are the beating heart of our work, so we make sure they’re deeply impactful for everyone involved. Together, we’re growing as individuals yet building something so much bigger than ourselves.

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