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Alberto Tornés

Senior Director of Partnerships

Alberto R. Tornés is a versatile and impact-driven professional with a non-linear career that spans multiple industries, including Law, Non-Profit Organization Management, Education, and Tech. He has a unique skill set that he has applied in diverse settings to enact meaningful change and drive business growth. As All Star Code's first-ever Director of Partnerships, he forged new strategic corporate relationships with leading companies like Facebook, Yahoo, and JPMorgan Chase. Additionally, he was pivotal in supporting All Star Code's first-ever city expansion outside New York City, marking a significant milestone for the organization. Following his tenure at All Star Code, Alberto joined Jopwell, a diversity recruiting startup, where he spent four years shaping the Account Management and post-sales motions for enterprise-level clients. His innovative strategies and customer-centric approach were instrumental in scaling the company and optimizing its Account Management and Customer Success operations. With a blend of business acumen and a passion for social impact, Alberto is a dynamic professional who excels in environments that allow him to drive both revenue and meaningful change.

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